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At Wagon Rent A Cab, we go all out to ensure you have the best travel experience. From the careful selection of our fleet to a perfectly synchronised network to attentive people, everything about Wagon Rent A Cab speaks of our commitment to making your journey memorable.

In the city or inter-city. When it comes to inter- city travel our chauffeurs understand the necessity for over-all ease. Your need to take a break to stretch, to eat etc; our chauffeurs understand the nuances of long hauls and they take care of you accordingly.

With the vast experience our chauffeurs have, they have learnt where to stop for a bite, the routes and alternate routes to places, the latest news on damaged or highways with bad sections, and most importantly, the roadmaps of different cities through GPS System, so they never need to ask directions, wherever they are.

Also available at Wagon Rent A Cab, are 12,18, 24, 35, 45 seater and Volvo & Isuzu coaches for transportation in larger groups, be it for daily use or for corporate outings, training programs, conferences party’s or private bookings – Wagon Team will take care of you!


The essential value at Wagon Rent A Cab is - YOU. Our client. After all, at the end of the day your complete satisfaction is our ultimate objective. We believe that YOU, our client inspire us to set the benchmark for the industry and maintain it.

  • Brand new cars, never more than 3 years old.
  • All SUVs, fitted with DVD players and LCD Screens.
  • English Newspapers and business magazine in every car.
  • A Welcome Card with Car and Chauffeur details, along with our help line numbers.
  • Mineral Water bottles in convenient 500 ml packing.
  • Premium Cars will have apart from the above, a Welcome drink and a fruit basket or complete ice box will provide upon request.